Talismans is an exclusive, limited edition, collection of five artworks created through the collaboration of two artists, Cherkesov Cherkez and Valérie Brusauro.

The chance encounter of two artists, one male, one female, from different generations, led to a fresh interpretation of the ancient, mystical idea of the talisman. 



Drawing is Cherkev's passion: he describes a frequent strong and unexpected calling to draw. At these moments he knows that his drawing will be permeated with special significance. 

“I have to admit that I'm not the originator: when I start a new piece, I don't have any plan or notion of what it will be, but looking at the blank canvas I know that the image is already there. My task is to give definition, being, to something that in a sense already exists.”


“Such compulsion can happen anywhere – in  a park, during a lesson, in the middle of the night – and so it is very important to have paper and coloured pencils by my side so as not to lose the calling.” 

Cherkesov Cherkez

Valérie reports being fascinated by the spiritual symbolism of light and this is what ultimately led her to adopt the creative mix of art and jewellery exemplified in Talismans. Different sizes of crystals from the Swarovski range are utilised in Talismans to create a dew of sparkles that adds a three-dimensionality to Cherkez's drawings, heightening their reality.


Valerie applies hundreds of crystals by hand, playing with the light and colour effects.

“I let the energy of Cherkez's drawing guide me and help me bring the artworks to life, to give them light.”

Valérie Brusauro