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THE TALISMAN COLLECTION: Jewellery for walls 

“From the marriage of the underlying image with the Swarovski crystals, the fusion of graphite and light into a single, powerful piece of art, your Talisman is born.” (Cherkesov Cherkez and Valerie Brusauro)

This unique collection of handmade wall art jewellery will bring a touch of luxury to any interior space. Not only that, the talismans will also bring either longevity, harmony, wealth, fortune or protection to their possessor. Each talisman holds magical properties: in the use of colour, shapes, patterns and symbology, Cherkez’s drawing at once channels and is imbued with the spiritual language of the universe. The talisman’s power is in turn enhanced by Valerie’s use of crystals, which refract light to fill any space with an elegant array of sparkles.

At first sight you feel that the talismans have a strong power, almost hypnotic. The feeling arises not only because they are precious jewels, but because the observer  becomes a co-creator. Looking through the prism of their own perception, viewers bring their own emotional way of thinking, their own experiences of life, refracted as the talismans transform into different shapes and images. Talismans is a collection of dreams, simultaneously created and perceived. Thanks to the properties of their numerous facets, the crystals reflect, refract and disperse the light into a rainbow combination of colors. Swarovski Crystals in the artwork filter the energy of the space and harmonizes it. Viewing Talismans can be therapeutic, balance your emotions and calm your mind.